Sheree Young, an internationally recognized contemporary watercolor artist, has made her mark in the art world through her expressive and experimental approach. Although mostly self-taught, Sheree’s passion for watercolors has led her to create captivating works that resonate with viewers.

Originally from the Eastern Cape, South Africa, she now resides in the Highlands of Scotland. Her artistic journey has been shaped by her diverse experiences and cultural influences. She draws inspiration from the natural beauty of both regions, infusing her paintings with a sense of place and emotion.

One of Sheree’s notable achievements is her participation in the prestigious FabrianoinAcquarello, the largest watercolor event worldwide. Representing both Scotland and South Africa, she showcased her talent alongside other accomplished watercolor artists. Her watercolor pieces evoke a harmonious blend of color, light, and texture, capturing the essence of nature and moments.

In addition to her international recognition, Sheree was selected to exhibit at the Highland Art Prize Exhibition in Glasgow. Her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and her dedication to the medium have solidified her position as a respected watercolorist.


Artist Statement:

“I embrace the unpredictability of watercolors. Rather than always rigidly following traditional methods, I often pour color onto paper, allowing fluidity to shape my contemporary paintings. The immediacy of watercolors captures moments of inspiration, infusing my work with life and vibrancy.

Nature features prominently in my art. Animals, forests, oceans, flowers emerge from my brushstrokes. Their organic shapes resonate with my creative process, evoking a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world. This openness fuels my continuous learning.  My versatility allows me to express diverse emotions and experiences through watercolors.

I revels in the medium’s spontaneity. The fluidity of watercolors allow me to create luminous washes, delicate details, and captivating textures.  I balance control and surrender, coaxing beauty from the interplay of pigments and water.  My brushwork varies—sometimes precise, other times free-flowing. Each stroke contributes to the narrative. My watercolors capture fleeting moments—the play of light on fading ferns, the flight of a blue crane, or the vivid hues of a flower.

My art invites you to embrace spontaneity, find beauty in imperfection, and connect with the natural world. Through color and form, my  watercolors evoke wonder and remind us of our shared existence within this vast, ever-changing canvas.”

She teaches workshops on occasion and partakes in many exhibitions. She hopes to continue on this trend.  Her works can be found in many countries in the world, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, China, USA and Australia.


  • FabrianoinAcquarello 2024 Scotland (Sheree Young Fabriano Profile ) Italy and Texas, USA.
  • Nairn Community Arts Centre Annual Open Exhibition 2024
  • Highland Art Prize , Glasgow, Scotland, October 2023
  • Art Society Inverness, Scotland, September 2023
  • Big Art Show, Glasgow, Scotland, August to November 2023
  • Invergordon Naval Museum, Scotland, May 2023
  • IWS Suriname Exhibition, May 2023
  • WASA Reflections International Exhibition, South Africa, August 2022
  • FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 South Africa( Sheree Young Fabriano Profile )
  • WASA ” Expressions of Hope” International Exhibition, South Africa; September 2021
  • WASA “Out of Africa” Exhibition, South Africa, May 2021
  • “Same Size, Same Price, No Signatures, South Africa, April, 2021
  • IWS Poland Step-By-Step Competition, Poland, 2020
  • IWS Poland Step-By-Step Competition, Poland, 2019
  • IWSSA National Watermedia Exhibition, Art Curator Gallery, Somerset West, South Africa, March 2019
  • IWS Poland Step-By-Step Competition, Poland
  • Miniatures 2019, Longstreet Art Lovers 1932
  • Art is a Favour, PEGC, South Africa
  • IWSSA National Watermedia Exhibition, Grayston Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2018
  • IWS Poland Step-By-Step Competition, Poland, 2018
  • IWSSA National Watermedia Exhibition, Seapoint, South Africa, March 2018
  • PE Art Meander
  • East Cape Watercolor Association (ECWA) 2020 – 2011


  • Certificate of Appreciation, IWS Suriname, May 2023
  • Highly Commended, East Cape Watercolor Association, 2015
  • Best Picture on Show, East Cape Watercolor Association, 2013
  • Highly Commended, East Cape Watercolor Association, 2012
  • Highly Commended, East Cape Watercolor Association, 2011


Gallery Representation

  • One of a Kind Gallery, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Inverness, Scotland

Greeting Card Availability

  • One of a Kind Gallery, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Inverness, Scotland
  • Cawdor Deli, Cawdor Village, Scotland
  • Gallery on the Brae, Nairn, Scotland
  • Househill Farmshop & Cafe’, Nairn, Scotland
  • OR: contact me directly for further information.


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