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FabrianoinAcquarello 2024

Delighted to be a part of the SCOTTISH team selected for FabrianoinAcquarello 2024. This is the biggest organised watercolor event in the world. Feel both privileged and honored to have been part of the South African team in 2022 and now the Scottish team in … Continue readingFabrianoinAcquarello 2024

Out and About

Fabriano, Italy, 2024 I’m so proud of my entry this year, “Fishing at Nairn Harbour”, on this international platform for all watercolour artists. It was painted from the featured photo on this page. I shot it on a day out at Nairn, walking around the … Continue readingOut and About

Flamingo Phone Wallpaper

FREE original art Flamingo Wallpaper for your Phone. Hi everyone I’ve been quiet of late, but a lot is happening in the background. I’ve been frantically submitting for exhibitions, plus keeping up my day job to pay the bills. Unfortunately, painting has fallen on the … Continue readingFlamingo Phone Wallpaper

“What do you See? Does AI have a future in art or the interpretation thereof?”

TRENDING NEWS: ANDY WARHOL CASE AND COPYRIGHT LAWS: Supporting my thinking for the above entry into Scottish The John Byrne Award , we find an interesting article about AI art & the US copyright law… notably out of the article: “The US Copyright Office determined … Continue reading“What do you See? Does AI have a future in art or the interpretation thereof?”