Get your first 40 listings free on Etsy

You can gain 40 Free Etsy listings by using a referral link when you open your shop.

Click on this link to earn 40 free Etsy listings when you open your first Etsy shop.

If you have already opened a shop, it is impossible to gain the 40 free listings for that shop. It only applies to new shops on Etsy.


As an Etsy shop owner, you will have a link within your Etsy shop to share with your audience, friends, colleagues, and anywhere you like. This link is called your referral link on Etsy.

When someone clicks this link and goes on to open an Etsy shop – they will receive 40 free listings.

In exchange for this, Etsy will also grant you 40 free listings.

Read more about Etsy’s free listings and how they work on: Earn Free Listings – Our House Rules | Etsy


Log into your Etsy account

Once you are logged in – copy the following URL

This will take you to the Etsy page, where your referral link is displayed.

Copy the link and start sharing.


Here is a list of places to gain maximum exposure. Remember, if you have more than one shop, – you might want to spread your link over several places and use both shop links. So you can earn free listings within each of your Etsy shops.

Your shop link is generated when you are logged into Etsy – so make a note of each link for different shops. You don’t want to have 50 in one shop and 7 in the other.


Because the credits are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

Here is a list of places where I have shared my link and succeeded.

  1. In blog posts such as this, especially blog posts that help you Open an Etsy shop
  2. On my social media, even on Instagram – you’ll be surprised how many people open shops spontaneously
  3. In my Etsy profile, such as shop news or my information
  4. In my listings, on listing images and also as text within the descriptions.


All listings fees are payable – at the moment it is 0.20C, however, you can earn free listings so you never have to pay this fee. Refer to this guide from Etsy and earn free listings. It would be best to build connections with the people in your community — refer Etsy to aspiring shop owners. Before anything else, the person must open the Etsy store before you both receive the free listing. Don’t just blindly share — look for people planning to open a shop.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Shop On Etsy

Etsy is undoubtedly a low-cost eCommerce platform — perfect for aspiring and young entrepreneurs. Some additional charges also need to be considered when you open.

Etsy won’t let you on their platform for free. However, these fees won’t be an issue if your store becomes a top seller. You can find a more in-depth breakdown in your Etsy payments account.

Other Etsy fees to consider :

  1. Listing Fees
  2. Etsy Transaction Fee
  3. Advertising and Promotional Fee
  4. Etsy Ads Fee
  5. Offsite Ads Fee
  6. Subscription Fee
  7. In-Person Selling Fee
  8. Payment Processing Fee
  9. Shipping Fees
  10. Regulatory Operating Fee
  11. Pattern Fees

Click this link for the complete Etsy’s fees and payments policy guide.

Can I open a second Etsy shop using my referral link?

The short answer is no – Even trying this is a bit of a no-no. – Simply because Etsy knows which computer you are using when you open a store and who it is connected to, I wouldn’t try to use the link from your own Etsy shop to start a second one. There are plenty of these links around so that you can ask in a Facebook group for a link.

Are The First 40 Listings on Etsy Free?

Yes, a new Etsy store owner is given 40 listings for free — via the referral code, the seller can acquire another 40 free ones. You don’t have to pay for anything — showing how Etsy is a seller-friendly platform. New sellers can use the first 40 free listings at once — or by batch.

ARE My Free Listing Used When I Make a Sale?

Again, the answer is yes. However, you can only qualify for free listings when opening a new shop.