“What do you See? Does AI have a future in art or the interpretation thereof?”

"What do you see?"

TRENDING NEWS: ANDY WARHOL CASE AND COPYRIGHT LAWS: Supporting my thinking for the above entry into Scottish The John Byrne Award , we find an interesting article about AI art & the US copyright law… notably out of the article:

“The US Copyright Office determined recently that art created solely by AI isn’t eligible for copyright protection. Artists can attempt to register works made with assistance from AI, but they must show significant “human authorship.” The office is also in the midst of an initiative to “examine the copyright law and policy issues raised by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.”

The outcome could be VERY interesting..one you may or may not have contemplated. Copyright is also currently highly questionable in not only the art field, but many areas as AI is trained using others work. Country laws have currently not kept up with how AI is transforming information & art, so interesting times ahead folks. (See the full article on: Andy Warhol Fair Use Prince Generative AI… )

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